Reasonable Pricing

Our services are effective and packaged with student notes which are provided by Tristan Tutors, all our students receive service that is of extreme value to them.


Technology has given us the ability to host tutoring service remotely or in a physical location. This gives students ability to choose an option that works best for them.

Group Learning

Group tutoring sessions are deliver a great environment for learning and is also cost effective. A group with Tristan Tutors is defined as 2-3 students.

Test Score Monitoring

With Tristan Tutors, where our students begin and where they finish is quantified weekly to show results and instill confidence.

We are here for you

Tutoring services with a focus on creating a great environment for learning which leads to improved results. We focus on improving study and test taking and studying skills that will give all students an advantage in school and their professional careers.

Full Test Preparation
in-home 1-on-1 Online

10 x 90 minute sessions with the first 4 lessons consisting of teaching through concepts and strategies with the remaining 6 session consisting of students working through full practice test from the official SAT, ACT, and GRE practice test guides.

Group Test Preparation
(Size 2-3)

Group test preparation structure mirrors the full test preparation. Allowing students the flexibility to go through the 10 sessions in a group environment. The benefit to a group session is that the costs is split between two or three students.

A La carte lessons per lesson
(1 student) per lesson(group)

Consists of fewer than 10 x 90 minute lessons. Perfect for students who want more targeted prep approach. Meaning that they want to target one section of the test to help them overcome a mental hurdle as they prepare on their own.

*A group consists of 2 or 3 students