($2000 for in-home lessons, $1850 for one-on-one Skype lessons)

Consists of 10 x 90 minute lessons.  The first ~4 lessons consist of teaching through concepts and strategies that are in the class notes.  There is very little homework during these first lessons, and they can be condensed into ~2 weeks if needed.  The latter ~6 weeks consist of students conducting full practice tests from the Official SAT, ACT, and GRE practice test guides as homework.  During these lessons, tutors grade essays and explain wrong answers by linking the solutions back to the concepts/strategies students learned in the first 4 lessons.  Scores are monitored throughout so students can see their scores begin to go up.



Consists of the same lesson set as explained in “Full Test Preparation.”  Up to 3 students are allowed to attend and split the cost between them (i.e., $1125 each for two students, or $750 each for three students).


($225 per lesson for a single student or $250 per lesson for groups)

Consists of fewer than 10 x 90 minute lessons.  Often students who want targeted prep – meaning that they want to target one section of the test – will take a few lessons.

Other Services

(Price is negotiable)

Dr. Sissung will help students with the common application, college advising in certain cases, edits essays and theses, tutors biology and chemistry, and is available for consultation on a host of other issues.


Location, Books, Payment


Lessons are offered at the student’s home (within 10 miles of Vienna, VA) or a convenient meeting place that is mutually agreed upon between Dr. Sissung and the parent/guardian (e.g., coffee shops and libraries). Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. If Dr. Sissung needs to drive between 10-20 miles from downtown Vienna to meet a student, an additional $35 will be applied to each lesson.

Skype lessons are offered for students who are further than 10 miles from downtown Vienna, VA.

Students/parents/guardians must provide the students their own copy of the College Board SAT Practice Test book (2017 version), “The Real ACT Prep Guide,” “Official GRE Super Power Pack2/E,” and/or a set of vocabulary flash cards. The tutor will provide the lesson materials free of charge. It is the students/parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to remember the payment schedule. Payment can be brought to the lesson by either the student or the parent. If payment is overdue by 7 days the student will be suspended from attending the lessons until payment has been received.

All payments are made directly to the instructor. Please make checks out to “Tristan Sissung.”  Cash is also accepted. Business checks will not be accepted.  A contract will be provided once lesson times are agreed on.