2016/2017 School Year Success Stories

Names and identifiers of students are excluded for obvious reasons; however, these all represent real score increases that have occurred over the past school year.  We do not get scores from every student – only those who share – so all scores we have from 2016 and 2017 are included below and are based on information we have available (not always complete).


Student 1, a high-school junior (SAT)

Before tutoring:

Fall 2016 PSAT scores: 610 (math), 600 (verbal), 1210/1520 (1250/1600 estimated SAT score)

Fall 2016 ACT scores: E21, M27, R23, Sc22 (23/36 total score)


After tutoring:

Fall 2016 SAT scores: 1430/1600, Essay 18.

Applying to schools starting in their senior year (Fall 2017), but has already met the requirements for their target school (Auburn University)


Student 2, a rising high-school junior applying for a sports scholarship (ACT)

Before tutoring:

Fall PSAT scores: 610 (Verbal; 85th percentile), and 630 (Math; 88th percentile)

Initial ACT practice test: E28, M(no grade, couldn't finish), R31, Sc25, Total 25-27 (estimated composite)


After tutoring:

Fall ACT: 29 (composite)

Student accepted at William & Mary in Fall 2018 on a lacrosse scholarship.


Student 3, a post-baccalaureate student (GRE)

Before tutoring:

Unknown, but took Dr. Sissung’s course to improve their quantitative and essay scores.


After tutoring:

Fall 2017 GRE score: 327 (164V, 163Q, 5W).

Student met their goals and is now highly competitive for clinical psychology programs at all major American universities.


Student 4, a high-school sophomore applying for sports scholarships (SAT)

Before tutoring:

Fall 2016 PSAT scores: 570 (verbal), 680 (math), 1250/1520 (total), (1310/1600 estimated SAT score)


After tutoring:

December 2016 SAT scores: 710 (Reading/Writing), 700 (Math), 18 (Essay), 1410 (Total)


After an additional 3 lessons:

Spring 2017 SAT scores: 750 (Reading/Writing), 760 (Math), 1510 (Total)

Student accepted at Columbia University with a sports scholarship.


Student 5, a high-school sophomore who took additional lessons as a junior (ACT) 

Before tutoring:

Fall 2015 PSAT: 1290 (composite)

Fall 2015 SAT: 680 (Verbal), 590 (Math)


After initial tutoring:

Spring 2016 SAT: 610 (Verbal), 620 (Math)

Student took additional lessons and worked very hard on her own over the summer.


After tutoring:

October 2016 ACT Scores: E 34, M28, R36, Sc32, composite score 33

Student is highly competitive at many schools.


Student 6, a high-school junior (SAT)

Before tutoring:

Spring 2016 ACT scores: E24, M22, R30, Sc23


After tutoring:

Fall 2016 SAT scores: 1430/1600, Essay 18.

Dr Sissung helped this student with the common application essay.

Student was accepted into the early decision program at their target school (William & Mary) Summer 2016.


Student 7, a high-school junior (SAT)

 Before tutoring:

Fall 2016 SAT scores: ~1550/1600 SAT score (800/800 math, 750/800 verbal) in practice tests, but wanted help improving the essay.


After tutoring (3 lessons):

Fall 2016 SAT scores: 790 (Verbal), 790 (Math), Essay 21/24

Student is applying to many top colleges this coming fall (2017), conducting a summer internship with Dr. Sissung at the National Institutes of Health, and is a very strong Ivy League candidate.